Investment Solutions

We go miles ahead in our advisory process to find the solutions that suits our client’s needs; be it a direct equity investment, mutual funds, derivatives, structured notes, AIFs, Insurance, goal planning and succession planning. Some of our investment strategies are mentioned below.

Yield Enhancer (YE) – The strategy is suitable for the investor who wish to explore the effective use of derivative contracts in enhancing the yield of a long only Mutual Fund or Direct Stock portfolio. The strategy generates incremental return by capping the upside of the portfolio for a limited period of time.

Tactical Asset Allocator (TAA) – The strategy is suitable for the investors who wants to take tactical calls on the different asset classes. The strategy uses derivative contacts for the purpose of hedging in adverse markets and for the purpose of leveraging in the conducive markets.

Strategic Asset Allocator (SAA) –This startegy is suitable for passive long-term investors and is the base of goal based planning. The strategy works on mean-variance principles of portfolio management and has underlying Equites & Debt Mutual Funds, Bonds and Structured Notes.

Global Macros (GM) – An asset allocation strategy that weighs the attractiveness of an asset based on fundamentals. The strategy may invest as underlying Equity & Fixed Income Mutual Fund Schemes, Precious Metals & International Funds. This strategy is suitable for an active investor who does not want to venture into non-traditional or alternate vehicles of investment.

Stock Only (SO) – Stock Only is an enhanced indexing plus event-based strategy. The strategy actively manages weights of the Nifty stocks and search for event based triggers in the Large & Mid Cap stocks universe (Top 250 Stocks).