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A reader asked us: I have just started my first job and abron al I want to start saving and investing for my passion which Is travelling. How do you think I should go about it? HERE’S WHAT THE EXPERT SAID Shubham Mathur AVP & Financial Planner, Clovek Wealth Management Private Limited If you want […]

Will FIIs return to India with Biden?

With Democrats ready to take the charge at the White House, there is likely to be the material impact on how the power center of the world dictated the international trade. We believe the event is quite important for the medium-term outlook for domestic equities. Though, the outgoing president Donald Trump shared great comradeship with […]

Why investing in gold could be less risky for Indian investor

Sachin Kapoor, Principal Advisor, Clovek Wealth Pvt. Ltd. Amid Covid-19 pandemic, investors look for safer avenues to park their savings and make investments. After registering its best run last year since 2010, this year gold has scaled record highs in some of the major currencies barring the US dollar. Experts are of the opinion that […]

The yellow metal could add lustre to your portfolio

Sachin Kapoor, Principal Advisor, Clovek Wealth Pvt. Ltd. The year 2019 marked gold’s best run since 2010, as it rose by 18.4% in dollar terms. Now, as the pandemic prompts investors to look for safer avenues, gold has scaled record highs in major currencies except the US dollar. Mint decodes if it makes sense to […]