Commission Disclosure

Clovek Wealth Management Private Limited is a registered Mutual Fund distributor having ARN Number – 168861. Clovek Wealth Management Private Limited earns commission from the distribution of regular plans of Mutual Funds to the clients who opts for it’s Execution Services.


In compliance with the SEBI Circular dated: June 30, 2009, vide circular no. SEBI/IMD/CIR No. 4/ 168230/09, Clovek Wealth Management Private Limited do hereby makes the disclosure related to the commission earned from various fund houses across all the categories of mutual funds.


Mutual Fund Category Trail Commission (in %)
Equity/Hybrid (equity Oriented) 0.50%– 1.25%
Equity Linked Savings Scheme 0.50%– 1.40%
Children/Retirement Saving 0.75%– 1.40%
Hybrid: Debt Oriented/Asset Allocation Fund 0.25%– 1.25%
Debt: Medium Term/Dynamic Bond/Credit Risk 0.25%– 1.25%
Debt: Low Duration/Liquid/Short Term/Ultra Short Term 0.02%– 1.00%
Arbitrage Fund 0.10% – 0.50%


The disclosure of rates made above for each category are and shall be updated periodically.