STRATEGY NAME – RELIABLE PORTFOLIO ; Inception – 01st Sep, 2020.

10 Lacs invested in RELIABLE Portfolio in Sep 2010 would have grown to 59 Lacs against 22 Lacs in BSE Sensex in Aug 2020.*

Reliable Portfolio Returns V/S Sensex Returns

Returns of the Clovek "RELIABLE" portfolio vs sensex over a period of time

CAGR comparison

Reliable Portfolio CAGR comparison

Average Rolling Returns

Average Rolling Return - Reliable portfolio

Portfolio Risk Measures

Reliable Portfolio Risk Measures

Portfolio Stats

Reliable Portfolio Statistics


  • Astute portfolio concentration.
  • Long term Buy & Hold approach.
  • Companies with proven and defensible business model
  • You own the stocks in your regular Demat account. You have complete ownership & control over your stocks unlike Mutual Funds and PMS.
  • You get all the dividends declared. RELIABLE has a dividend yield of 1.87%.
  • You also get all other corporate action benefits like Right Issue, Bonus etc.
  • RELIABLE has given yearly negative returns only 6 times out of 100 in back-tested observations. Tested through 2210 past observations.
  • HIGH Sharpe Ratio of  0.63. A sharpe ratio is a measure of extra return delivered over risk free return per unit of risk.
  • At a similar level of risk, RELIABLE has delivered more than double the annualized return of Sensex in last 10 Years.
  • The expense ratio of RELIABLE is at par with Direct Plans of Equity Mutual Funds.

Maximum Recommended Allocation as per the Risk Profile

  • Conservative: =< 2% of the Total Portfolio.
  • Moderate: =< 15% of the Total Portfolio.
  • Aggressive: =< 30% of the Total Portfolio.
  • Recommended Time Horizon – 5 Years +

Investment recommendation is further subject to suitability assessment of the investor as per the Investment Policy Statement in addition to the Risk Profile.

Advisory Fee

A one-time Subscription Fee + 0.80% p.a. on Asset under Advice.

 Investment Adviser – Sachin Kapoor, CFA

Sachin is the Principal Officer of Investment Advisory services at ClovekWealth. Sachin has 13+ years of experience in Asset Management & Investment Advisory services. Sachin manages portfolios of many HNI Clients and has in-depth understanding of how a well-managed buy & hold stock portfolio outperform the indices and create substantial wealth over the long term. Sachin is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from CFA Institute, USA.

  • Complete the onboarding on
  • Assess your Risk Profile and fill the Investment Policy Document.
  • Pay the subscription fee.
  • Execute the recommendation through your D-Mat account.
  • Receive quarterly result updates and re-balancing/exit recommendations.

Our advisors will get in touch with you to help complete the on-boarding and initiate the process.

Clovek Wealth Management Private Limited is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser having Registration Number INA100014879. The information contained herein is only for informational purpose. Past performance and statistics are calculated on back tested data derived from stock prices based on certain portfolio construction methodologies. Past performances are no guarantees of future returns. Please consult our Investment Advisers / Representatives to ascertain your Risk Profile and suitability of the product for you.