The word Clovek is derived from the Czech dictionary and means human. Being human centric is the cornerstone of all our activities and advisory processes. We offer independent and unbiased investment advice for individuals and families. Our advisory framework is based on the four pillars of values that our clients can rely upon us to uphold at all times – Integrity, Competence, Trust & Conflict Free Fiduciary.

We are a group of investment professionals who have a strong foundation in investment advisory and individual portfolio management complemented by a strong team of new age technocrats who transform our investment solutions into easy and seamless executable experience.

"Four Pillars of Our Values"

We are committed to uphold the integrity of investment profession and capital markets in all our deeds and actions. We are committed to place the interest of our clients above our own interest.


We analyze every investment opportunity in hand before making a recommendation to ensure that sufficient knowledge is gathered and processed to have a reasonable and adequate basis for the investment or strategies in question.


We abide by timeless ethical principles of professional conduct in investment management so that our clients, prospective clients and other financial market participants in the course of our dealings can rest upon us.


Safeguarding interest of our clients is our prime duty. We promote zero commission products to avoid any conflict of interest and charge separately for the advice rendered.


We at Clovek believe that every individual has a different perspective, preferences, circumstances & risk tolerance hence a wealth management solution for an individual can not be a standard one for all, it needs to be tailored to suit the individual. We at Clovek practice Wealth Management as a Science with the touch of Art. We design unique solutions for each of our clients with the help of scientific principles of Wealth Creation under the psychological caveats of human emotions.