"Four Pillars of Our Values"

We are committed to uphold the integrity of investment profession and capital markets in all our deeds and actions. We are committed to place the interest of our clients above our own interest.


We analyze every investment opportunity in hand before making a recommendation to ensure that sufficient knowledge is gathered and processed to have a reasonable and adequate basis for the investment or strategies in question.


We abide by timeless ethical principles of professional conduct in investment management so that our clients, prospective clients and other financial market participants in the course of our dealings can rest upon us.


Safeguarding interest of our clients is our prime duty. We promote zero commission products to avoid any conflict of interest and charge separately for the advice rendered.


Why Choose Us?

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We target a positive real return on capital which surpasses inflation thus bring real growth to the investment.
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Manage your taxes efficiently with us with the fine print insights of applicable acts & sections and make your dues file in time.
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We help our clients prepare and execute a sound succession plan for the efficient transfer of generational wealth.
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Investment Solutions

A large universe of tailored investment solutions. Choose the one that suits you or let us draw one for you.
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Unique Advisory Process

A solution driven advisory process. Meet the new age Wealth Management
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Fee only Model

Pay zero commissions in Mutual Funds. Pay us for our advice when you make money.
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Your Investment Manager

Your private investment manager. Have an edge of second alpha in your portfolio.
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Our Plans Adapt

Our solutions come with the flexibility to adjust with your preferences. Our plans strike a perfect balance between what you need and what you want.

We Prescribe Our Solutions With Due Care Of

Your Preferences

"It's Your Own Cup of Tea"
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Investment Strategies

“Have a look on some of our flagship investment strategies”

  • Strategic Asset Allocator – A strategically diversified portfolio for long term wealth creation.
  • Tactical Asset Allocator – A bespoke asset allocation for more agile investors.
  • Yield Enhancer – Generate some extra income over mutual fund and stocks.
  • Global Macros – A top down investment approach for a truly global investor.
  • Stock Only – A bargain hunting approach in the top universe of stocks.

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